June 26th 2020

KN95 Vs. Surgical Masks: What's The Real Difference? 

Asociety navigates the rules and regulations of Phase 2, understanding mask types, benefits, and uses is an important step to benefit overall health and safety. Fortunately, our MQ Direct team has done the research for you to increase your level of knowledge. Our goal is to help spread accurate information during this challenging and unprecedented time. If you’re unsure about the difference between KN95 and surgical masks, here are the most important takeaways.

Protection Considerations

When it comes to protection, data from clinical studies suggests that there is “insufficient data to determine definitively whether N95 respirators are superior to surgical masks.” Both offer exceptional protection for everyday wearers, office workers, health care providers, service members, and restaurant employees alike. Despite providing similar levels of protection, KN95 masks offer a sealed fit.

For anyone looking to provide their families, employees, or medical team with the best protection possible, surgical and KN95 masks are a better alternative to fabric (cloth) masks. Although these masks may have unique style and design options, their protection pales in comparison to certified masks.

Sizing/ Fit Differences

When deciding between a surgical mask or a KN95 mask, the following considerations should be taken into account. Unlike KN95 masks, surgical masks are loose fitting. Depending on your unique facial structure, you may find the loose fit to be more or less comfortable. Additionally, KN95 masks provide an immediate seal when worn correctly, while surgical masks may require slight adjustments.

With either mask, reuse is strongly discouraged. As we proceed into Phase 2, one of the most effective ways to encourage health and safety is to dispose of your mask after use. Doing so will protect yourself and others as you go to work, shop, and travel.

If you’re looking for additional details regarding mask differences, this mask comparison diagram by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides an in-depth look.

Ordering Surgical/ KN95 Masks

Business owners and individuals alike can ensure maximum protection and safety for their staff and families by using proper protective equipment. If you’re looking for either surgical face masks or KN95 face masks, our virtual storefront at MQ Direct has what you need.

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